votj_fairytales3dOur new album “FAIRYTALES” is out NOW! You can get it on AMAZON, iTUNES, GOOGLE PLAY STORE, ZUNE etc … So grab our PHONE, TABLET, CONSOLE or regular computer and go for it! If you wonder why it isn´t for free this time, please read the statement on the STARTPAGE HEREWe hope you feel this one as much as we do! You can pre-listen the songs in the STORES or on YOUTUBEIf you want to be in close contact with us and an awesome community, join us HERE!

Special thanx to Michael Valentin (Goreholio Filmworks) for the Youtube videos, the webpage, the shirt design, the upcoming video and many more important works. Thanx to Kollektivmaschine for this awesome photos and the killer cover-art. The blazing solos on “GUNS” and “FAIRYTALES” are done by Manni Zewe (Dreadful Prophecy) – thank you bro!

If you like what we do – support us – spread that sh*t all around and leave ratings / comments on the stores you bought it, so the store may push us. We NEVER thought that this project will gain SO MUCH attention and that is all because of YOU! YOU told your friends, used our music in videos, recorded cover-versions, played us on radio-stations, left kind words on our channels … you even ordered shirts from malaysia, brazil, russia, canada etc. … awesome!




“There will be a rise after the fall” (Trevor/Ben 2010) – und somit verkünden wir voller Stolz: Christo van Absinthe hat Saft geleckt und schließt das Loch in unserer Gruft mit einem fetten Haufen präzisester Gitarrenarbeit und seiner killermäßigen Bühnenpräsenz. Christo van Absinthe und meine Wenigkeit gründeten HARDCUT vor über 10 Jahren und wuchsen zusammen auf dem “Proprietor´s Hill” auf. Musste ich einfach – in Anbetracht der großen Freude über diesen so genialen Nachschub – erwähnen :)

Da vermehrt fragende Kommentare auftreten, ob der “Personalwechsel” sich auf das nächste Album auswirken wird: Nein. Ben und ich arbeiten, wie auch beim zuvorigen Album, nur zu zweit am Songwriting und an den Texten. Wir hauen alle Instrumente rein, mixen und mastern den Scheiß zum guten Schluss. Klar wird die Scheibe nicht wie die erste klingen – denn wir wachsen. Und so lange wir das lieben was wir tun, könnt Ihr davon ausgehen, dass es Euch den Kopf abreißen wird.

“There will be a rise after the fall” (Trevor/Ben 2010) – and proudly we can shout out: Christo van Absinthetasted the juice and is about to fill the gaping hole inside our cave with a shitload of precise guitar skills and his phenomenal stage presence. Christo van Absinthe and myself founded HARDCUT more than 10 years ago and we grown up together on “Proprietor´s Hill”. I just had to say that due to over-ecitement about that fact :)

There are questions incoming like “Will the stuff turnover affect the next album?” Answer: No. Ben and myself are working - just like on the first album – alone. We do the songwriting, the lyrics, the playing/recording of all instruments and the mastering 2-men-army-style. Sure, the new album will be different than the initial – because we grow. And as long we love what we do, you can be sure that it´s goin´ to rip your head off.

Cheerz Trevor



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